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Food Intolerance Testing 


The Shortcut To Understanding  Your Food

We are based in Cornwall and offer Food Intolerance testing to help you understand the foods that could be causing you pain and discomfort. 

The test takes around 60 minutes and you will get instant results so that you can start to eliminate any identified problem foods from your diet.


We will test over 100 different food & drink types along with testing for any deficiencies in your vitamins & minerals.


Intolerance testing is not the same as an allergy test. 

A classic food allergy would happen relatively quickly and often very violently, causing an immune system reaction. Meaning that it is easier to pinpoint the cause.


A food intolerance can be slower to show symptoms sometimes up to 3 days after you have eaten the food. Meaning that it can be much harder to diagnose what is causing the symptoms you are experiancing.


Identifying the food that could be causing the symptoms by eliminating them 1 at a time from your diet can can take a long time as you need to remove it for a period of 30 days then reintroduce a small amount and monitor your symptoms for 4 days to see if you have a reaction.


As we get older we can develop food intolerance and this can change over time depending on any underlying health conditions and how healthy your gut microbiome is.

The test is around 70 - 85% accurate and will help you to short cut the time to finding the foods that could be causing your body pain and distress.

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Here at IDWO we know that in order to help you perform at your best we have to focus on 3 areas: Mindset, Nutrition & Exercise

Nutrition is the key to our health, the way that we think, feel, act and react are all governed by the food that we eat. 

There are many common symptoms that we see with our clients:

Lacking energy

Unable to lose weight


Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

High Blood pressure

High Cholesterol 

Lack of focus / brain fog


Type II Diabetes

Joint Inflammation 


All of these can be linked to the food that we are eating and an intolerance to that food that we can build up over time. 

Understanding how your body reacts to certain common food types will give you the understanding to help you get back to full health. 

  • The test takes just 60 minutes

  • Body composition measurements - including full printout 

  • You will have a booklet to take away with you covering any identified problem foods

  • We will explaining the readings and next steps at end of the session

  • 20 minute follow up Zoom call to answer any questions

We offer 1-2-1 lifestyle coaching to help you through every step of your journey back to health covering our 3 key areas of Mindset, Nutrition and Exercise




Unfortunately there can come a time when health problems arise. Recognition of the problem is the first step in addressing and ultimately overcoming the situation and then putting a plan into action to getting back to full fitness. 


Here at IDWO we specialise in getting you back to that healthy version of you. We have a tried and tested method so that you can perform at your highest level and get back to focusing on being yourself again, that healthy version of you with Energy, Focus and Clarity.

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What is Food 

Intolerance testing?

Building A Healthier You

The Dietx system that we use is known as Electro Dermal Screening, It allows us to pin point potential offending foods.


There is no such thing as a 100% form of Allergy/Intolerance testing.  Any form of testing provides a reasonably accurate pinpoint.   


The only true 100% recognised way to confirm a food intolerance is the elimination diet.  This is where you exclude the food type for a minimum of 30 days, you then reintroduce a small amount and monitor any symptoms for the next 4 days. Doctors, Dieticians, Scientists and Nutritionists all accept this approach.  


If a suspected food is eliminated from the diet for a given set period and then slowly reintroduced and monitored to see if it causes an adverse reaction then that is accepted as proven to cause a response from the body.


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Symptoms of Food Intolerances & Allergies

Are you intolerant to a food?

When you are intolerant to a food, a common response is that your body doesn’t completely digest it.  

This can allow incompletely digested food to enter the bloodstream where it is treated as an invader and is targeted either by antibodies or certain enzymes that then trigger a reaction.


If you are constantly eating the same food to which you have an intolerance you are constantly putting your immune system and digestive system under stress. This can increase the reaction that your body has to the food, meaning that the symptoms you are experiencing are increased.


Reactions to foods can sometimes produce inflammatory conditions and also can produce a whole range of chronic health problems as well as unexplained symptoms.


The symptoms are often ‘masked’, which means they can mimic the symptoms of everyday symptoms such as headaches, fatigue and joint pain.


It is also known that certain intolerances can produce different reactions every time it is eaten.  I.e. a headache one day and upset tummy the next day.


The foods that often cause masked reactions are often the ones we eat a lot of or crave.  


Foods that we crave may make us feel temporarily better for a while, but then have a delay in the reaction.


You may not associate it with that particular food.  E.g chocolate and feeling initially good and then half an hour later feeling exhausted and having a headache.

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