In this post we look at 5 key things to help you take back control, reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed. It's a funny old thing being overwhelmed, it can hit you out of the blue and as its name suggests it overwhelms you and will stop you dead in your tracks.

It's that feeling that everything is too much, you don't know where to start or which way to turn. You can get this in your professional life with increased demands on your time and increased work loads. Equally we this can happen in our personal lives, relationships, children, finances, health related issues, both our own and members of our family.

There are so many things that we have to contend with in our lives from technology, a lack of toilet paper, social distancing and pandemics. Our world is changing very quickly, but there are things that we can do to take back control of what we are doing.

Take time out for you:

It may sound a little thing but taking time out of your day for yourself is critical to avoiding that feeling of being overwhelmed and completely stressed out.

  • Book some time in your calendar each day to get away from your desk

  • You have to be strict with this, it will feel odd at first but this time is critical for you to think, reflect and move forward.

  • It's a meeting with yourself to get work done.

This simple method works whether you work in an international bank or are self employed, it's about putting in some structure to your day and taking back control.

Learning to say No, while saying Yes:

This is a really hard one for a lot of people! We want to be helpful, we all want to be seen to be the person to go to when there's a problem. But this can be a ticking time bomb to overwhelm and stress if you don't follow some rules.

  • Firstly, some people are either like you but need help, others will try and take advantage as they are lazy and know that you will do it for them if they ask you.

  • Challenging an ask is a good thing if when you do it right and you understand the ground rules, this will help you to take back control.

  • Personally I tend to state that "I would love to work on something but need to understand more about it".

  • Ask about the deadline, who else (if anyone) is working on it, how much work is involved?

  • If you are already working on one or more time sensitive items you need to raise them now and ask which one is more important.

  • This shows them that you are already busy, but that you want to help.

  • This is saying Yes, meaning No and being helpful.

Give your body what it needs not what you want:

We can all reach that point in the day or the week when we reach our limit of energy and everything starts to feel like we have nothing left in the tank.

This is more common than you think, when we can all get back in our offices take a look around and see how many people will reach for the caffeine and biscuit tin in the afternoon to wake themselves up. It's more common that you would think.

  • Your body is an engine, you need to fuel it correctly to get the most out of it.

  • If you put rubbish in, you will get a sluggish result.

  • If you do not drink enough water you will be more hungry, leading to overeating the wrong foods and you will impact your brain function.

  • If you put in good food that is healthy and nutritious with vitamins and your hydration levels are good you will have a body that performs like a sports car:

  • You will boost your immune system meaning you can better fight and recover from illness,

  • You will reduce the risk factors around high blood pressure, high cholesterol, late onset diabetes and obesity,

  • You will have more energy and become more productive,

  • You will have taken back control of your food.


Stick with me on this one as it's a subject that people don't like talking about as in part it is about feelings.

The English are famous worldwide for having a stiff upper lip, but what happens when that stiff upper lip starts to wobble? We tend to brush off our feelings and not show people how we really feel.

  • You have to recognise when something or someone is upsetting you and do something about it.

  • Stop and recognise it for what it is - that feeling that there is just too much going on.

  • Being in the present is key, we don't want to be dwelling in the past and we can't live in the future.

Building a strong body:

Our bodies are designed to move but we tend to sit down all day behind our desks, meaning that if we don't use our muscles we lose our muscles.

When this happens your bodies become weaker meaning:

  • We are more susceptible to injury and falls

  • We have a slower metabolism meaning that we we do not burn calories and will gain weight

  • You will have lower energy levels

Building a strong cardiovascular system, your heart, lungs and muscles means:

  • You will have more energy

  • You will have great levels of fitness to cope with the demands of both your professional and personal lives

  • You will boost your immune system

  • You will reduce body fat, improve your heart health and build lean muscle

Being consistent:

The thing that most people forget is that for this to work you have to be consistent, you have to make it a habit.

  • One step at a time, the more steps you take to better you will feel and the more natural they will feel.

By putting just a few of the ideas above in place you will start to take back control, reduce that feeling of being overwhelmed and get back to being you.

A you that is not overwhelmed and stressed, a you that is back in control and able to deal with anything that comes your way.

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