Things to do to Prevent your Weight Loss Failing at the Weekend

It’s Friday and you have the weekend ahead of you, what are the chances that you will fall at the first sight of cake on a Saturday morning in the coffee shop? Believe us we have seen and heard it all, just some examples:

- Some choose to eat very little, if anything at all, on a Friday in preparation for the weekend ahead but this only leads to binge eating later on as your body craves food and your energy and willpower flags; once this happens it's very difficult to get back on track.

- We have overheard those after a 'weigh in' looking forward to their takeaway fish and chips knowing they have 7 days before another weigh in! Remember, you have to reduce your calorie intake by 3500 in a week to see a 1lb weight loss (sensibly done that is equal to 500 each day). You are in this for the long term, don't stick to it for 5 days only to undo all the good for those other 2 days. Understand and accept you have to make long term changes but the end result is far more rewarding than staying the same as you are now.

One slip up does not mean you have to let it all go to pot! It doesn’t mean you should fall back into old habits because of one bad decision. Acknowledge the slip, write in in your food diary, tell yourself you didn’t really need it and move on to healthier habits for the rest of the weekend. Why not burn those extra calories off?

Things that can help this weekend:

Mindful eating – every time you eat, don’t engage in other activities such as watching tv, working on the computer etc, or simply going over and over again your 'to do list' in your head. You need to focus on the food or the meal you are eating to really feel satiety – taste the food, chew the food, engage wholly in that act of eating. Not only will mindful eating mean you are more likely to achieve your goals but you will end up feeling full earlier than if you were watching your favourite tv show and forget what you have even just eaten! Mindful eating is KEY for your weight loss journey so get into the habit early on.

Take the temptation away – it’s simple! It may feel ruthless but it’s no good just keeping all the high sugar, processed, trans fat foods in the house whilst you are going through a healthy nutrition plan. I don’t know why you would want to give yourself that temptation. If you don’t want to throw the stuff away, take them to foodbanks or food donation areas (lots of supermarkets have food donation boxes at the entrances).

Change your social arrangements – if you’ve arranged to meet friends in a café or pub where there's the temptation to drink more calories and eat those crisps or pork scratchings, why not do something different instead - get outdoors, go for a country or coastal walk, or a bike ride.

Plan ahead – tracking your food before you eat it is a good way to plan and understand where your nutrition is coming from. It's also a great tip to ask yourself 'do I really need this?' before you eat it. Planning ahead is KEY with all of this.

And finally.... you can allow yourself that little treat. If your nutrition plan allows it what's wrong with that small glass of red wine on Friday night? Portion sizes are also KEY so get into the habit of checking your portion sizes and weighing and measuring your food and drink in the early days.

Good luck this coming weekend, stay on track, stay motivated and remember it's all in your control!

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